Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blog Loving

I have known Inky for a while now online and I will have to say that this woman has lead a most interesting life! From her old school punk rock days to her now glamorous vintage lovin life, she's seen it all. What more can I say, she's cool and I dig her...not to mention she's got great syle and is super nice to boot! Some of you are lucky like me and already have the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Inky and her blog Shrinky Inky's Fine Adventures! If you don't, go follow her...she wants to do a giveaway when she hits 100 followers and I'm betting she's got good stuff!

I'm also going to send you over to check out The Temperamental Broad blog. How cute is she?? And just like the rest of us, this little rockabilly gal is vintage obsessed too. She also needs more friends...go follow her!

Okay everyone...class dismissed! Now go play nice and tell em MaryDeluxe sent you!