Sunday, January 24, 2010

Auctions Part One: Farmersville

I get a lot of emails asking me where exactly do I find my cool crap. 90% of what I've collected over the years have come from auctions and estate sales. So, I always point people to auction zip because that's the easiest place to start find interesting auctions. Most auction places will list what they have coming up for sale on this site. This website shows auctions throughout the United States but not all states use this site. You really have to become familiar with the different auction companies in your area and keep an eye on their personal websites. I'm extremely lucky and happen to live in an area that is over saturated with auction houses. Everyday of the week I could go to an auction if I wanted to. The difference between an auction house and a estate sale in my area basically comes down to location. Estate sales are held at the sellers house so location varies and everything is sold there, even the house! At an auction house, things are sold there at the same location on a regular basis. Some auctions companies make you pay a buyer's premium (a percentage additional charge) on top of what ever it is you purchase. Every place is different and very few places in my area do a buyer's premium anymore. Also in my area, everybody has the same chance of buying the same thing. All bidders have a bidding number and when the auctioneer puts your item up for sale anyone with a number can bid. There's none of this stupid get in a line and we leave five people in at a time crap. That's just stupid...who thought of that?? Competition is better idiots, you can make more money that way.

Please keep in mind as you are auction surfing that in most cases, unless it's a specialty auction, you are not going to come across all the things you are looking for at one auction. You all know from reading my blog that most times I go to an auction because there might be one thing there I want. It has taken me a really long time to get to the place I am with my collecting. Now of course you don't need to collect this way, with ebay you can find anything and have it on Tuesday. But really, how thrilling is that? Part of the passion for me is finding it myself and not paying an arm and a leg for it in the process.

The summer is when I do most of my auction hunting as I'm on vacation. One of my favorite auction houses to hit up when the weather gets warmer is Farmersville Auction. I love picking through junk and finding things other people overlook or deem not worthy enough. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I'm a very good junk picker!

As you can see from the pictures, it's a sea of very cool junk and lots of Amish and Mennonite people! To go to an auction like this, you have to see potential in crap and have a good memory because things that go together are spread all over the place....remember my junk treasure post! I found every thing in that post there and spent less then $40 for it all. I have yet to go to this auction and not find something interesting to look at. Once I went and saw a bunch of beautiful old coal stoves. Are they not the most amazing things??!!

How about an old Brooklyn Brewery keg?? You can find it in the junk piles!

Here's a bunch of crap I got many years ago from the junk piles for less then $25! The white cart I use in my classroom for my kids to store their ceramic projects on.

What else have I found on the junk piles at Farmersville you may ask?? Well over the years, I have pulled from the junk piles my 1947 Admiral tv and that very cool atomic foot stool (see Kim's post...every now and then they come up on if you don't read Kim's blog you should as she is the funniest!) you see in front of my sofa in this picture below! Notice in this picture below I didn't have my heywake coffee table yet!

Not only does Farmerville Auction have an outside junk picking pile but they also have a regular auction of the "good stuff" inside and sell furniture in the evening! They also have a food stand there and make some of the best ice cream ever! Yum!

So, where is MaryDeluxe on a Tuesday in the summer time? Why, she's at Farmersville auction picking through the junk piles! Stop over and say hi!


  1. You don't mention thrift stores quite as much. Are there many in your area? I hit 'em faithfully for a quick run through. Love that TV. Does it work? I have a great PREDICTA, but it doesnt.. something about a flux capacitor..sounds like something out of "Back to the Future", eh?

  2. Hiya Zootsuitmamma...I will occasionally go to thrift shops....and I also like yard sales and antique malls. It all depends on my mood! :)


  3. Oh, Mary. I do adore your fabulous crap! I wish I lived closer- that auction place looks beyond fun! Nuttin' better than digging through other people's idea of "junk"!

  4. I enjoy thrift shops and flea markets - but my absolute favorite are estate auctions! We don't get many during the winter months, but I have been known to stand in freezing drizzle and light snow to get what I wanted - usually at a great price because the weather keeps everyone home. Actually, I think that the auction is starting to kick in - I hope there's one in my area soon. There's nothing more exciting than trying to outbid someone on something that is perfect for your house!

  5. What fabulous thinmgs you have managed to find! I have never been to an auction before and would love to go, but i'm always scared of going OTT and spending money i don't have! The junk piles sound cool, i wish we had something like that over here! xx

  6. it's really funny, i saw that exact same foot stool the other day in a store near me :)

  7. We have lots of auctions here too.. but things go soooo high! its crazy.

  8. The TV ! It's incredible, i never see a so old in true except on black and white movies. It's amazing to find a old beauty like this. It's integrated perfectly in you home decor. I love it. So tasty as always... Everything emaning from this blog is always perfect.

  9. Now that looks like an awesome auction! I haven't done the auction thing in awhile, but now I'm thinking I need to start going again ;)

  10. Thank you for the tip, I need to try out auctionzip since I am new to my area.

    I love your living room and I adore that picture of it.

    Lovely post.


  11. I just found your blog and love it so. Can't wait to read it more!
    I wish we had more auctions here in the LBC. Alas, I depend on garage sales and flea markets.

  12. I think your pictures and music are fantastic. By the way, the green car mailbox is actually at my parents house in Spry where I currently reside.
    I like those boots you are wearing....where did you get them ? I was going to get a pair for Sheri. Thanks.