Tuesday, January 19, 2010

March 14 1941

Grandpa is still up to his old tricks and sharing lots of stories about life on the farm!

Late Wed. Night
Dear Fran
After working about six hours today, off and on, I finally caught up on the egg supply. Gosh were they dirty. So now I have lots of time on my hands, until tomorrow night then it starts all over again.

Right now I'm suppose to be playing nurse maid to one of the cows, which is expecting the stork. If you know what that means. A farm sure does expand in early spring. Did you notice I said early Fran, right now it is snowing. I guess old man weather thought I was going out again tonight, like last Wed.

I sure did sleep like a log last night, or should I say this morning. The only trouble it wasn't long enough. And now since we have a house keeper, I don't have chance to take a short siesta. So at the present time I feel like something the cat was dragging around. I imagine you feel the same way, after all my pawing and mawing last night. But I will do it again. Next Wed. I hope it's nice, I hope Tom drives, I hope you still love me Fran, I hope it keeps up, I hope it keeps getting worse.
Am I hoping for to much? Some time I will tell you the other things I am hoping for.

Well honey I guess I had better close and go to bed, before I fall asleep in the ink bottle.

Love and kisses,
your George, I mean yours.

This is a picture of me, maybe I was 4 and my Great Uncle Ed. I was helping unload firewood. As you can see, I have my work gloves on. That's Uncle Ed's toolbox ...see how my love of men with tools started at a young age! Something tells me I was probably more trouble then helpful. I love when I read grandpa's letter's and he talks about my Great Uncle Ed. Ed was grandpa's brother and he was my most favorite Great Uncle in the whole wide world. I loved him dearly...I still do. He passed away when I was in 8th grade. I miss you Uncle Ed.

March 17, 1941

Dear Fran:

Ed's in the egg house cutting ham, Cat's pounding away on the portable, Dot's up in her room sawing wood, Geo. has the best job of all, writing to his honey. Finished my days work about six o'clock tonight, and now don't know what to do with myself. And it's such a swell evening, a full moon, nice and warm but no woman.

If it's raining or snowing on Wed. you are going to hear some swell French, and I don't mean about that "Farmer" Tom French. I'm also sharpening my teeth so beware.

Fran honey, I hope I didn't get you in dutch, by coming in there last night. But I sure was anxious to see you, as I am now. Wish I could get a hair cut every night.

Will you tell me if I did the wrong thing. If so I will come back again. If not I will come back anyway. In plain words, I enjoy your nearness, Dearest.

"Back to work" Old man stork finally arrived this morning and left a 85 pound bull calf. More veal for the "Antic Locker". We are looking for him again tomorrow, in the hog department. He sure has lots of work around here at the present time.

Well honey I'm getting hungry, so will close this, and dig something up to eat before hitting the hay. I can hear Ed out in the kitchen, munching away, so I will start an investigation. So long.

Love George


  1. Thanks for the precious post! The way people wrote letters and talked back then was so romantic! It's just different now. These memories are priceless. Thanks for keeping them for your loved ones and thanks for sharing with all of your readers! Zootsuitmama

  2. I am looking forward to reading more of these, they are the first thing I look for on my blogroll.

  3. I was reading this (sneakily!) at work when one of the guests said to me, why are you smiling like that? These letter are so sweet, i love the bit when George mention his "pawing and mawing"! Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories xx

  4. I am really enjoying these letters and they are such treasures as paper items often times are thrown away. Thank you for sharing xxx

  5. hahhahahah he has such a lovely way with words hahahaha!

  6. I awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award here:

  7. These letters are such a treasure! Thank you for sharing them :)

    Love the pic of you with your Uncle Ed! And is that a Winnebago in the background??