Monday, January 25, 2010

More George

What the hell grandpa?? I don't know what he did but he sure must have been in trouble. Did I ever mention that it's really hard to read his handwriting. Some of the words I'm not to sure about. Like, George mentions that Dot was hitting the Calvert...but it's hard to make out the word. Obviously he's referring to some type of booze probably a specific brand. George makes reference to loving Fran and Bernie to much...I believe Bernie is one of Fran's younger twin sisters Beatrice and Bernice. (see below)

March 18, 1941

Mon. Eve
Dear Fran:
Or perhaps I should call you Miss. Weaver, after recieving your letter this morning I had to force myself to read it. I was expecting much worse or maybe I am use to catching hell. Leaving out some parts, I thought it was a lovely letter. (nothing bothers me) at times.

Gosh what a day this was, out here along the roaring Bermudian. Right now it's down to 10 above zero and still dropping. You might get your skating lesson after all. But I would rather show you some signs of spring, which I sure wish were here. Every day we see wild geese flying north. Dot said she saw a robin on Sunday. I believe she must have been hitting the Calvert.

I sure am anxious for Wed. or maybe I should say was, I hope you don't get this Thursday. Lets go dancing for awhile Wed, then maybe I can break one of your ribs, which will just about put me in the right with you. Eh what?I hope I don't love you and Bernie to much.

By the way Honey, did you find what I was talking about, in my letter? I'll bet you did. Now I feel lower then a snake in a wagon rut. I'll try to think up a good line to hand you Wed. night to smooth things over between me and you.

If you get time honey, look at the Pall-Mall add. She reminds me of you. (don't inc. this) Well will close now and hit the hay. The boss wants to go to Lancaster tomorrow.
Love George xxxxxxxx
P.S. Don't believe a word of this letter.


  1. I've seen ads for Calvert whiskey in vintage magazines - maybe that's what he meant?

    Love George's "P.S." ;) Gee, I wonder if they did go dancing on Wednesday...

  2. yep, Calvert Extra is an old school whiskey. Bonus points for Cherry Bubbles!

  3. hahhahah i like ol george hes quite a guy hahahah!

  4. Remember the scene in Sex in the City where the girls are talking about finding Mr. Right and Charlotte, in complete exhaustion, blurts out, "Where IS he already?"...all I can think is where the heck is my George...but in my case it would have to be an Albert, for my Pop! I love the letters...keep em coming!

  5. Love the letters! :) I missed when you first started posting them so I just had to read them all yesterday. I have to agree with 23SkidooWithYou; where is my George?..