Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Basket Full of Goodness

Roots Market is the place to be on a Tuesday in Lancaster County Pa! They have a farmers market, flea market, auction house, and provide lots of people watching opportunities! What more could anyone want?

Gateway to the flea market!

Mennonite fruit/veggie stand

Sweet corn

Mr Bill's Grill

Fresh baked Amish pies and cakes!

Whoppie Pies...Sorry, I think you can only get these in Lancaster County!

Cute Amish girls with their dogs!


  1. Oooooh, I love asparagus like nobody's business! I eat it almost everyday during the summer! I would say that "addicted" might describe my be an apt description!


  2. those baked goods look pretty amazing! The whoopie pies look almost as good as the ones around here ;)

    While this baker's whoopie pies are good, they don't quite compete with my moms:) But it's hard to turn down the jumbo whoopie pie :)


    Enjoy your day!

  3. This is making me hungry, especially the cookies and pies

  4. looks fabulous and you finally got me to do a little geography lesson & find out where this is, now I have an idea, before anyone shouts I am from the UK!

  5. If I ever get back to Lancaster, I'll be sure to make this a stop. I think I can bribe the husband with those whoopie pies.

  6. I love loking at martkets from other parts of the world- it reminds me of the local things we take so much for granted that to others are wow moments. whoopies? OMG they look so yummy! The amish kids are such a sight, and reminds me of what I take for granted here- where I work has a large orthodox jewish community- the ones who wear black the massive fur hats. It stands out so much against the backdrop of a very modern and urban suburb. I love the melting pot and the visual and cultural contrast of such experiences. Thanks for sharing MD- it is great to be reminded of the extraordinary in the everyday moments of life.

  7. How fun! And it looks like a beautiful day, too! Those pies probably just melt in your mouth! Nothin' sez lovin' like something from the oven! Zootsuitmama

  8. Touchofevil...Ewwww asparagus pee! hahahahaha

    STM...East Coast!! and not that far from NYC,DC,Philly, P'burg, Baltimore....I am centrally located to major cities! hehehe

    Dina..come back anytime!

    Phenolicfanatic...it's funny how much I have gotten accustomed to seeing Amish every where but a visitor is always so intrigued.

    Zoot...Amish Whoopie pies...some of the best around! Amish ladies sure can bake!

  9. You must be referring to the smell of roses! Green roses that would be! a smell loved by all!


  10. I just love open air markets like that with all the home grown and home made things for sale. Love the Amish styles too! As for your little basket of goodness, well, much more colourful than my old sive full of spuds, but I appreciate the kind comment about me being "the nicest potatoe" there!! haha. Yep, I hold my hand up and confess..."My name's Paddy, and I AM a potato head!"