Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Secrets of a Bus Stop Goddess

A date tonight??? Sorry, I'm busy!

There have been many lessons I've learned over the years that have shaped me into the amazing bus stop goddess that I am today. Each and every bus stop encounter, whether bad or good, has taught me something important about myself. You see, I truly believe that no matter what type of relationship you have with a person whether it be a friend, lover, sister, brother, etc, you teach that person how you want to be treated. I've had many times in my life when I didn't feel worthy of someone's love, attention, time or respect. And because I didn't think I deserved to be treated well, I wasn't treated well. I was lacking in my own self worth and there fore no one else saw it either. I was not a bus stop goddess. I had to learn my true value the hard way. But I have no regrets and those struggles have taught me just how amazing I really am. I do deserve to be treated well and I won't ever again settle for anything less in my life. After all, I am a bus stop goddess and I deserve nothing but the best. A bus stop goddess demands the best from herself and from everyone in her life. She never uses mental mind games to get what she wants. She tells people honestly how she feels and if they can't deal with it she moves on.

When a bus first stops to pick a goddess up, the bus isn't going to know right away that you are an amazing bus stop goddess and that this in fact makes you different from the "normal" bus riders. He has yet to realize that today is his lucky day! It's up to every goddess to make sure her new bus knows she is not the "normal" bus rider he is use to. At first he will resist this idea and try to treat you, "the bus stop goddess" just like ever other bus rider! How dare he! Who does he think he's dealing with...hahaha... okay really, don't flip out, this is normal bus behavior that your bus has learned from all those "non" bus stop goddesses riding around out there and can be easily changed with a little bit of bus behavior modification!

Bus Behavior Modification Plan: Things to teach your new bus!

  • There will be absolutely no overnight stays in the bus terminal garage during the beginning of the bus route. It's sad to say, but this is probably going to be one of the hardest things to teach your new bus. It's really not his fault, he's use to the type of bus riders who think this is the only way to get and keep a buses attention. Oh those silly girls! Bus stop goddesses know that overnight stays in the bus terminal garage are fun but it doesn't earn the buses respect and it's just not enough to keep a bus interested for the entire bus route. A goddess knows that a bus likes a challenge and that is what will keep the buses attention, so that is what she gives him.
  • The bus stop goddesses time is very valuable. Your bus needs to know that right away. A "BSG" always has important things to do and doesn't have time to wait around for her new bus to show up. In fact, the "BSG" is so busy, she might not even talk to her new bus for a few days. It's good for the new bus to know that your life doesn't revolve around the bus and that sometimes you like walking by yourself. Please be advised, the new bus might become confused with the lack of bus riding behavior because he is used to the over eager, needy "non" "BSG" type bus riders. Now be aware, his response to your goddess ways will tell you a lot about your new bus. If your new bus's reaction is one of intrigue and he tells you how much he thinks about you and what you might be doing when you're not riding the bus, you're on the right bus! Congratulations! If he gives you a bunch of attitude about not riding on the bus enough, ding the bell and get off the bus. You're on a bad bus route sister and your new bus is a very needy bus! Bus stop goddesses don't have time for needy buses!
  • When a bus stop goddess meets a new bus that might have some potential to take her some where nice, she never lays all her cards on the table at once. She instead, plays her cards close to the vest. She only reveals what she needs to at the correct time and she always keeps a card up her sleeve. After all, a bus stop goddess always plays to win and revealing your hand to soon is a sure way to lose your bus. Everyone loves a little mystery and a new bus is no exception.
  • A bus stop goddess never chases after her new bus! I repeat, never! A bus stop goddess only flirts coyly from the bus stop. She gives a simple wink, a sweet smile, or a lift of her skirt to reveal the top of her vintage stocking. This is enough information for the bus to know that she is interested in taking a ride. If the bus is smart, he'll stop to pick her up. If not, the goddess probably didn't want that bus route anyway and goes off to the next bus stop! She knows the bus was just not up for the challenge of her amazing bus stop goddess self.
  • Sometimes your new bus will not watch how he's driving and hit a pot hole. The road can sometimes be rocky on a new bus but keep the faith and make sure you always reward your bus for his good bus driving skills. This allows the bus to know that he's headed in the right direction and has a happy bus rider. Eventually, your bus will begin swerving around all pot holes just to make sure he keeps his bus riding goddess happy!

Remember, we teach people how we want to be treated. When we respect and value ourselves, other people will value us also. This is a secret all Bus Stop Goddesses know and practice! Remember, Wake up, look cute, love yourself.

Happy riding! See ya at the bus stop!

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  1. Thanks for another great Bus Stop Goddess post!

    I'm lucky enough to have found "Mr. Right Bus", but I think you're giving great advice to all those gals looking for thier right bus!

    Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

  2. I had spent years catching the wrong buses but now i think i'm a bus stop goddess!

  3. Great and oh so true post! If everyone can ride the bus for free then maybe the destination isn't as special as it might first seem! The route should be exclusive for a select few to maintain its magic and beauty. Look what happened to Greyhound, once it lowered its rates, it lost its allure and is now a sad and broken down vision of its past.


  4. Lisa you are a lucky girl to have a Mr Right Bus!! I'm so jealous of all you lucky girls riding around on Mr Right buses....someday!

    Little Eden...After so many wrong buses, you automatically become part of the secret society of bus stop goddesses!

  5. You're my inspiration, just wanted to tell you that! :)

  6. My Mr. Right Bus spent his very first night in the terminal and never left! But by the time this happened, I'd been on enough busses to appreciate one that wasn't all shiny and new, just very darn reliable. Thanks for a very good post!

  7. Moon Doogie...No I don't think buses are all the same at all...no way, we all have our own experiences in life which makes us each so different. I think no matter if you're a bus or a bus rider you should always respect yourself first and when you do that others will do the same!

    Vintage Christine...wow you got lucky in lots of ways!


  8. You always know just what to say! Such an inspiration in so many ways! You're wonderful!

  9. I have no idea what the heck that email you got was about.. I dont think they read the same post as we did..lol

  10. Oh, what a great and true post! Really enjoyed reading this. The photos made my day too ;-)