Wednesday, June 23, 2010

January 1942

January 7, 1942
2:30 Tuesday

Dear Fran:

Just finished lunch, which we started at 11:30 and ended a few minutes ago. One sure can kill time when one has a few books and magazines to go with lunch.

I am looking forward to the day when we will be together, then I will do without both, lunch and books. "Don't blush Honey", that's if I can come home and see my dumpling or should I say my woman. Don't mind me honey, it's just the cold, 8 below this morning and I believe I will go to bed as soon as I finish this and stay there for the duration.

I passed our house the other day and every time I see it, she looks better. Even tho it does need paint and isn't wired, she looks swell. I can just see us spending an evening at home, then I can hold you as long as I want, and when I ask you if you will go some place and do something, I'm not going to take no for an answer, and I won't be buying you a choc-soda. I'm nuts. But I love you. I just wish I could show you. Well, I guess I should cut the monkey business and close with ten thousand drooling specials.

January 22, 1942

Dear Fran;
Received your card today, and it gave me quite a laugh. "Oh you Weaver" you almost make me feel like a sick man. But you can't keep a good guy down, or can you? I believe you could.

How did you sleep last night honey? I believe that last potato chip I ate, was what kept me awake. Or perhaps it might have been that not half so bad show. But I have a good idea we will make up for it in the spring. Or maybe I'm taking to much for granted, am I? Well, I have some work that's waiting for me so I will close with a dry one.


  1. These are fascinating! Where was George that he was kept away from his Dumpling? I need to know! ;-)

  2. Amber....These are the letters that my grandfather sent to my grandmother before they were married. My grandmother lived in the town of New Oxford and my grandfather lived out in the "sticks" known as East Berlin. I think it's about 30min away by modern car but remember it's the 1940's!
    I started putting them up here for my family to read... aren't they fun!