Saturday, June 12, 2010

For My Mom

A back garden post for my Mom! I spent the afternoon at the green house with my Mom and then roaming around her gardens. Yes, it runs in the family. It seems most of us have green thumbs. I think we get it from our sassy aunt dot. Mom bought me the hanging petunias which I didn't hang at all but mounted to my garden posts. I like having flowers at different heights around my garden. It's a design thing with me. Thanks for the flowers Mom!

Someone also asked me in an email what that building is in the back?? It's my studio space. Which, is full of junk once again. I tend to clean it out and then fill it right back up again with more junk.

Click on the picture to see it better!

P.S. Milo is busy in the garden chasing bugs and things so he'll be picking a name on Sunday!


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, the cat seems to like it too :)

    The little hints of color really make it pop!

  2. That's wonderful! Your garden reminds me of one of my girlhood favorite stories, called, "The Secret Garden." You cat looks quite at home in the fauna, and I have such envy for your pad...inside and out!

    Lucky girl!


  3. what a do you protect this beauty in the winter????

  4. You really do have a lovely garden, it seems you really love your home/space and it's exactly where you want to be and that's fabulous, you can see it in how you treat it.

    Where we are right now I can't see us staying so sometimes I feel like I'm wasting time working on certain things, never want to do anything permanent.

  5. Straight Talking Mama....It's funny because I never knew how much I enjoy "nesting" until I bought my house. Back in the day, I use to rent and moved very often, never staying long in any one apartment. So, I totally get where you're coming from with how much effort should you really put into your environment if you won't be there long.

  6. What a beautiful garden you have, i love all the flowers x