Tuesday, June 22, 2010

December 1941

December 17, 1941
Dec 16 - 8 more days till x-mas

Fran Honey:

Polished off the last egg of the day, and now I am sitting around listening to my stomach growling for a bite to eat. Where oh where are those girls? We are going to eat our meals at a respectable hour. Meaning you and me, get it.

Well we finally butchered a lamb Monday, and it wasn't such an ugly job. Hit it on the head, then cut it's throat, after that you start skinning. The real fun started when we cut it up, to put in the freezer. I got that job. The only thing the girls recognized after I was finished were the chops and legs. You will have to come around for a lamb stew. We have the lamb. We had over 40 lbs of meat, at a cost of about $3.00. Not bad eh what? So much for that.

I'm still thinking about the other night, and I think you are swell honey, you really leaned on me. If you ever need a shoulder, and I hope you do, give me the job will you please "cup cake". Well there goes the bell, so will close, with a thousand specials, which I will collect Thursday.

Love, George

P.S. I hope you like this letter more then the one you are still looking for from last week.

December 30, 1941

Fran's Birthday Card:

Dear Fran,
If I ever look as bad as this, please shoot me.
How's about seeing you Wed?
Love George


  1. It's sooooo romantic. I think I'm in love. Where have all the good ones gone?

  2. I have missed George's letters, they make me feel all happy inside :)