Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Heart Summer

Goodbye favorite month of the year...

~Driving truck drivers crazy since 1997!~
(Truck drivers love crazy redheads in convertibles...much better than blonds!)

The Days of June!
  • Lots of top down days
  • I met my Sgt! Notice I say mine and not yours...mine all mine....teehee! Poor Sgt. doesn't know what he's getting himself into.
  • Kitchen much left to do on that one...will have to extend that into July
  • Flowers!
  • Auctions.
  • Grad class...oh gosh it sure is boring and lots of work!
  • Sleeping in!
  • I'm still running...5k here I come...I'm kicking 5k's ass.....
  • Sunshine...glorious sunshine :)

Bring on July...I'm ready!!!


  1. Summer 2010 will be fantastic ! i've got a good intuition. Have a nice summer full of beautifull moments Dame De Luxe.


  2. Ooh I am so happy for you to see the word "mine" attached to the Sgt. ;)))

  3. Phenolicfanatic...what can I say, he seems like he has an interesting bus route so thought I'd take a ride, have some fun, and see where the route might lead me. Trust me...I'm still staying in reach of the pull cord...cause ya never know?


  4. What kind of convertible to do you have, Miss MaryD?

  5. A Sgt.! Woo hoo! I love a man in a uniform - oh boy and how! I love Summer too-just being outside always makes me feel good! And I have some ripe tomatoes!!Zootsuitmama

  6. There's something liberating about driving around in the summer with your top down (ooops, I should rephrase that *blush*). But you KNOW what I mean. I'm getting out quite a bit in my wee MX5/Miata with the hood down, and there's nothing finer (good for a pose too!!). Enjoy :-)