Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Bash

I'm so excited! My birthday is coming up soon in February, yup it's right around the corner, and I've been wondering what I wanted to do to celebrate. Then I just happen to discover that The Puppini Sisters are going to be in my neck of the woods the day after my birthday!! So, of course I got myself a ticket!! My big birthday plans are as follows...Tuesday Feb 10th & Wed. Feb 11th go to work but get all dressed up and go see the fabulous Puppini Sisters wed night! Then take a personal day on Thurs and since I already have off from work on Fri and Mon, I will get to have a long extended birthday weekend which will be kicked off by The Puppini Sisters!!! OOoooooo I'm so excited!!


Now of course, I just have to make plans for my extended birthday weekend! Maybe a day trip some where?? A spa weekend? Oh, I could do a weekend at the Hershey Spa! I could pamper myself by soaking in a tub of chocolate! Mmmmmm chocolate!
Hershey Spa


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