Monday, January 5, 2009

On the first day of vacation...

my true love sent to me....a box in the mail from MAC! What more could a girl want?? Okay right, shoes and a purse to match the glamorous lippy inside the cute red bag!!! I can't wait to open it but I promised not to. So, I will just stuff it in my stocking and try not to peek! Thank you for the nifty gifty Mr. Riot! It's just what I wanted!


Exciting news on the auction front. I've been really bummed about having to miss the estate sale with the Heywake furniture due to my back. But as luck would have it, I discovered an auction coming up with tons more Heywake furniture!! I'm so excited and the best part is Mr. Riot will be here visiting me and will get to bask in all the holy glory of attending an auction with yours truely! Beware evil Heywake dealer, I'll have a body guard with me this time and I'm not afraid to use him! Plus a bonus for me, Mr. Riot can lift heavy things!!

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