Monday, January 5, 2009

Estate Sale


I have been waiting for over a month now for an Estate sale that has Heywood Wakefield furniture in it.  I totally scope out the auction zip website and then stalk the pages until the day of the auction!  I don't think people realize how much work goes into looking and finding things.  Now the bad thing about this auction is that it has been advertised and I know that the evil Heywake dealer will show up there to try to snag up all the Heywake furniture at a cheap price but still a price that I can't afford.  This is what this guy does, he buys it cheap here and sells it on ebay to other dealers in California who then mark it up higher and sell it to stupid people there!  For example we both were at an auction that was selling a complete heywake dining set...hutches, table, chairs, everything and it went for $3,400.  Which is expensive for a person like me but cheap for him.  He then broke up the set and sold the table and chairs on ebay for $3,400 making back his original investment.  The dealer in CA he sold it to will put it in her shop for well over $5,000....and some rich, idiot buys it!  The only time I get great deals on Heywake furniture is when it's not advertised and no one is there to bid on it but me.  This is rare, see a few posts below.  So, if I can snag at least one piece from EHD I will be a happy girl. 

Heywake Furniture Estate Sale


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