Monday, January 5, 2009

Slow as a hermit crab

that's how I've been feeling lately due to my kiln lifting accident at work. Oh why couldn't I have a front loading kiln?? Instead I have one I must bend over to get all the work out of! Kiln shelves can be heavy and there is just no way for me to remove one without using my back because of how short I am. Hello sharp shooting pain it's so nice to see you again! This of course has to happen first thing Wednesday morning and then get so intense by noon time that I can't stand up straight and barely can walk. Thank goodness I was able to get an afternoon appointment at my Chiropractors office. He gave me a great little electronic device that sends electric shocks to my lower back and butt and told me to take a few days off. He also gave me an adjustment that made me cry and made the pain much worse. It wasn't hard to take a few days off as I have no ability to walk what so ever. The first day I crawled here, I crawled there. The cats thought I was playing some sort of game with them. The doctor said to ice it, shock it and try not to move much. I think the muscle inflammation is going down because I can finally walk in an upright position but the pain and tenderness is still there. Guess I won't be making my auction tomorrow! I also really need to go to the grocery store. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a little more mobile because this really sucks!

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