Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is there a clown on my shoulder?

Today I went out to the grocery store wearing the above. Is there a clown on my shoulder?? No??? I didn't think so! But apparently there must have been something funny about the way I looked because this woman stared right at me and just started laughing. I should have walked over to her and asked her what was so funny but then I noticed that she was wearing pajama bottoms in a public grocery store. My mother always told me never be mean to people who are obviously retarded! So, I just walked away. But let me just say that I am so sick of people wearing their pajamas out in public. If your day is so bad that you can't get out of your pajamas and put on real clothes, then you should just stay at home! This is also my opinion on gym clothes. It's one thing if you're going to the gym to workout or you were at the gym but if you're just hanging out in sweats all the time you have a problem! And please don't get me started on these stupid puffy coats that are so popular now....come on people, you all look like some sort of colorful marshmallows! It's just not a good look on anybody!

Anyway, I don't know what was up at the grocery store today but people just kept on staring at me and for some reason it made me very uncomfortable being in my own skin. All I wanted to do was to get the hell out of that damn grocery store! I was in such a hurry, I forgot stuff I wanted to get! Perhaps I am still feeling out of sorts from my long, stressful week at work. It was the worst week and it just seemed to drag on forever. It has also been very cold here and still is. I hate the cold. It makes me want to curl up in my bed and not leave my house! To be honest, I did do that Thursday and Friday after I got home from work.

Maybe I just wasn't ready to venture out into the public world yet. I just thought that getting myself up and out there might make me feel better. It didn't. I have come to realize that most people in general are assholes.


  1. As I said before what is wrong with what you are wearing???

    I HATE people that go to the supermarket in their PJ's and even worse when people wear slippers, they are just low class/ no class slobs!!!!

  2. I think you looked great and I would have stopped you to tell you so. It's so rare to see someone "dressed" and when I do I let them know how good they look. PJ's and slippers in public = subclass

  3. Why thank you ladies....

    PJS in public does equal sub class!