Monday, January 5, 2009

A sweater found

Okay so I was going through my closet yesterday and came across a sweater that was so crammed in with all the other clothes that I forgot I had it. And what a lovely sweater it is too, how could I have forgotten about it??? It was very exciting, I love finding clothes I forgot I's like finding a $20 in your winter coat from last year. I've never worn the sweater because it was just a little bit to small for me but to my excitement, this year it fits! All my time spent in the gym is paying off! I also found a skirt from like 6 years ago that I've never worn because it was a little bit to tight...HA... now it's way to loose to wear. Wow, so this is like the smallest I've been in 6 years. And the fact that my skirt is now to big is great because one of the hardest places for me to loose weight from are my curvy hips. I'm such an hour glass shape it's not funny. So, my goal is to loose 10 more pounds....and more inches...I'll take inches over pounds any day!


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