Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Out back....

What's a teachers two most favorite words she could hear on a crappy snowy, rainy, freezy day??? That's right, SNOW DAY!!! Yay, my excitement lasted only a few hours because then I realized I had to go out and shovel it. By this point it had turned into rain on top of the existing snow which made it quite heavy to move. As I'm shoveling a path out back to my garage and started thinking about my out back space. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here is the view of my back yard garden from last summer. In this picture you see a building in the very back...this is what I call my out back space. My garage is built on to the back of that building. When I originally bought my house in 2002 that little building was falling in on itself. But my Dad said it could be saved and wouldn't it make a great little studio space for me. So we spent a whole summer tearing down and rebuilding that little out back space. I became very handy with a hammer but discovered I have no skill in putting down roof shingels.
Now the catch with my Dad was, he would help me rebuild the little building but the inside was up to me to finish. Now, ask me the big question, is it finished yet??? No it's not!! This is why I started thinking about my little out back space today and set a goal for myself. I will finish my space this year!!! I will turn it into the studio space I have always wanted. Now, you may ask in all these years why have I not finished my space?? I have a great answer...because my exBF had all his car/tools/stuff out there with my stuff/crap. Yes, it got turned into a storage unit for CRAP! We lived together for 5 years and I gave him that space for himself since he was and still is a greaser. Did it bother me that he wanted to put is tools and car stuff in there? No, because I had the rest of the house and he never complained about the old crap I would drag home. He actually liked it. But, it's been over a year now since he moved out or should I say I moved him out and I think it's time to reclaim and finish my space.

I think I should start by cleaning up the crap that I have stored out there. Do I really need two fricken Cosco kitchen carts? And really, why do I have all these lights?? Hello, my name is Betsy and I have a lamp obsession problem.... the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. And see that table and chair set there, I didn't need that but I was at an auction and nobody wanted the table and chairs. To save them from the dump I bought them.... I think I paid under $5 bucks for them. I just couldn't let them get thrown out. There you also see my pinky couch which goes with my most favorite pinky chair. I also have vintage coats and clothes stored out there that I have yet to sort through and get rid of from the auction I bought them at 4 years ago.
I'm a mess! But my goal is to stop being a mess and clean up my act!!! Can I do it?? You betcha and I will once it gets a little warmer out side. This is what my out back space looks like right now. And when you walk through the door to the garage you find my 1997 Cabrio stored there. Do I drive this car? Nope. But you have to understand that this was the first new car I ever bought myself so, I have some sentimental attachment to it.

There she is, my cute little Cabrio! When the exBF and I broke up, I was stupid and gave him my car because he didn't have a car. It's a long story but, while we were together, his car was so old and beat he needed a new one. We went together and bought a used jetta wagon which I drove and he drove the cabby. But because his credit was very bad, I 'm the one who took out the loan for the jetta and when we split, I gave him the cabrio because he couldn't afford to get a loan to buy me out for the jetta! In the long run, it all worked out because I owned his 1932 ford and he really wanted that back so we traded and I got my little girl back. The lesson here is....don't ever get involved with a guy who's credit is so bad that he has to hide everything he owns in his GF's name so that the credit collection agencies don't take them.

What does all this have to do with my out back space?? Well apparently I must have a lot of bad memories of my ex tied up to that back space and I think it's time that I got rid of them!


  1. I save things I don't really need too, I can't bear to see something tossed away because someone no longer wants or needs it. I am loving that little grey stool.

  2. Your Ex BF sounds like my Ex Husband! I had the same car problems there too. As for clearing the crap it works wonders. Being able to see and display all your very best treasures rather than tripping over the dross is a much better way to live.

  3. hey if you need to get rid of any of thaqt extra stuff just throw some my way!

  4. Hey MaryDeluxe! I am so glad I finally re-found your blog! I had seen it via Retro Renovation, but it was right at the time you were changing sites, and the link on RR doesn't work any more. I think you are also one of my flickr contacts, because I recognize your fabulous house photos. If you decide to sell any of that "crap" in your soon-to-be-studio, you'd better let us all know - I know I'm wanting a few things!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! When I start to unload my things I'll let you all know!